22 November, 2011

Visiting my Friend’s House for Prayer Gathering. Whilst admiring the image of Our Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus my friend Maria suggested, “Let us say a prayer together before the image of our Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus”.

The four of us stood there and started to pray together. We asked the Blessed Mother if she could intercede for the intention of the family. All of a sudden, whilst John was saying a beautiful prayer that was truly from his heart, Our Blessed Mother appeared next to the Image on the wall. She appeared very happy and joyful. She told me, “Tell my son John and his family I am always here to help them and to protect them, to not be afraid of evil around them. John’s prayers are always very sincere and he has much devotion to Me and my Son. Many prayers are needed for conversion and healing of the family. Tell John not to lose hope but to continue to pray and trust. I am always with them to protect them.”

In this house in which I was invited I felt such a serene peace and love. Afterwards, Our Lord Jesus said, “Tell my friends nothing lasts forever.” Evil will not last forever because Our Lord is Almighty, He conquers all evil. We should not be afraid.