Today the Angel came to me and said, “Come with me to witness
something beautiful for which you were praying and suffering.”

That minute, we arrived at a large single storey building.

The Angel said, “This house, till now, was filled with souls suffering and
offering reparation for their faults while on earth.”

I answered, “The place is lovely and clean. Where have all the people

The Angel said, “Today, the grace of our Lord came over them and gave
them love and mercy to quench their thirst and they were all admitted into

I praised our Lord for all He had done for all these people.

Standing near the entrance 1 said to the Angel, “I am so happy for all
these people. The place looks spotless.”

He answered, “You didn’t see how this place looked previously. It was
very dirty and untidy but you yourself purified and cleansed it. You see,
with all your suffering on behalf of these souls, good fruit comes from
your prayers.”

As we were about to go I noticed there was a tiny place at the back.
There was a soul inside. She looked very sad, seated on a little stool. In
front of her was a fence made of bars very close to her.

I said to the Angel, “Why would the lady be left behind? Look how sad
she is.”

He said, “She is not ready to go to Heaven, she is still in prison. She was
strongly attached to material things, possessed by houses and possessions.
It is very difficult to part from this materialism. Now, after you and I
depart from here, she will be left in total desolation and darkness.”

(When Angels are present, there is always a bright light.)

The Angel said, “Now it is up to you to free this soul from prison.”

During this past week, this soul appeared to me three times. She couldn’t
speak at all.

I said to the Angel, “I know this lady. She kept coming to me but she
never asked me for anything.”

He said, “She kept appearing to you so as you would recognise her.”

Lord, have mercy on this soul.