27th November, 2005


In church, at Michael’s, Nelsons Bay. Lord Jesus spoke to me when I offered everyone to Him. He smiled and said, “My child, today I want you to praise Me and love Me. Love Me for all those who abandon Me. Don’t beg Me for others for I know all the miseries and sufferings of the world. Today, not many of My children think of Me. They are self centred but I still love you all, My children.”

“Your King likes to be joyous and happy too. He likes to hear His children, to hear them recognising Him and loving Him.”

“My children, when you praise Me and tell Me you love Me, you have no idea how that pleases Me. Continuously you would sing a beautiful song of praise, and thank Me for all I do and love you.”

We praise You, and love You, Lord Jesus.