29th November, 2005

“My child, tell My people that I truly wish and desire preparation for My coming to you all, in this Holy Christmas to welcome Me in their hearts. Not only to rush, buying and storing goods for their bodies. They must nourish their spiritual lives which will benefit them and one day reward them. These days many people have no meaning that I, their Saviour, came among men to bring good news to the poor and to live as God Emmanuel, to save you all and redeem you. There should be a joyous feeling in your hearts.”

“Sing to your King, sing and praise Him for His coming and be happy.”
Our Lord lamented and said, “I am so sad to see the world in so much corruption and hate and egoism. They sink into a mire of darkness more and more as the years go by. When will it all end? You are closer and closer to the chastisement which is upon you.”

Our Lord departed in silence. I said, “Dearest Lord Jesus, have mercy on Your people.”