28 February 2021

Bitterness of Suffering turns to Sweetness


During the night, I absolutely could not sleep due to all the suffering, tossing and turning due to the severe pain in my leg. I said to our Lord, “Lord, how am I going to get up to go to church?”


I always worry about how I will go to church after suffering all night and not sleeping; I hope our Lord gives me a little bit of rest towards the morning, and He does.


All of a sudden, the angel appeared and said, “Our Lord has asked me to tell you to come with me. Come, and I will explain to you why you suffer.”


On many occasions, the angel explained why I suffer, but each time I still think to myself, ‘why do I have to suffer for souls’. They keep coming in front of me, all kinds of souls unknown to me. I can’t be upset, but at the same time, I think, ‘I wish they would listen while alive, or have a little bit of knowledge that after they die, and if they go to Purgatory, somebody has to suffer a lot for them’. Then I just accept the suffering and say, “Lord, how am I going to get up in the morning? Can You make me better because I have to go to church?” I keep talking to our Lord, and then I pray, and then the angel comes and tells me to go with him so that he can reveal something to me.


Suddenly, we found ourselves in a very beautiful place, in front of a very tall building. I knew this was a church. There were three closed doors, all very, very tall and made of polished wood. The angel said to me, “Have a closer look!”


I looked closer and could see the Sacred Heart in the middle of each door. The Sacred Heart was made of metallic type material that was not too shiny. Beautiful intricate embroidery-like designs outlined the shape of each Heart, with engravings of little flowers all around. Across each Sacred Heart were written the Latin words, ‘Sacrum Cor’. The angel explained to me that this means ‘Sacred Heart’.


Then the angel gave me a little oval-shaped glass jar that looked more like a vase to hold. The vase was filled with a yellow-like substance, which looked like apricot jam. The angel said, “Take it. Keep it in your hands.”


At the bottom of each Sacred Heart was a little latch made of the same metallic-like material. By pulling on this latch, you can open the Sacred Heart.


I asked the angel, “How are we going to enter the Church?”


The angel replied, “You cannot enter. You have to open the Sacred Heart. Now, open up the Sacred Heart.”


I stood in front of the first door and pulled the little latch on the Sacred Heart. As I did, inside the Sacred Heart was the same embroidery-like design. I said to the angel, “But the door doesn’t open.”


The angel said, “No, close the Sacred Heart; the door won’t open. Try the next one.”


I did as the angel said, I opened the Sacred Heart on the second door, and again the door did not open. Then the angel said, “Try the third door.”


I did the same on the third door, pulled the latch on the Sacred Heart when suddenly, to my amazement, a fountain of crystal clear water came gushing out of the Sacred Heart. The water did not spill but was collected below into a beautiful metallic-like basin.


The angel said, “Now, pour what you are holding in your hands, little by little, into the water.”


I obeyed the angel and, little by little, emptied the yellow substance into the gushing crystal water, saying, “In you go, in you go.”


The angel said, “Empty it all out.” I did so and watched how the crystal water consumed and cleansed all of the substance until the water was clear again.


The angel said, “See the Mercy of God. Your bitter suffering turned into sweetness, and you put that sweetness directly into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the water swallowed and purified it until it all became clear.”


“See, with all your bitter suffering, you brought sweetness to the Sacred Heart. You pour it in, and the Mercy of God washes and cleanses it. It was for the souls that you suffered, and at the same time, you consoled our Lord. You put something sweet into His Sacred Heart,” said the angel.


He then asked, “Are you happy now?”


I said to the angel, “I have never seen anything like this before. I have never experienced anything like this before. So that is how the Sacred Heart works!”


He said, “Yes, you see, that is how it works. You open the Sacred Heart, you pour in your suffering, and the Mercy of God washes over it. All your petitions go into the Sacred Heart.”


The water was so beautiful and clear, like crystal. This water purifies the Holy Souls.


The angel said, “See, you tried the first one – nothing. You tried the second one – nothing. Then you tried the third one – this is the one that is the Mercy of God.”


The angel and I left open the Sacred Heart for a while, watching the gushing Living Water. It was all so mysterious. I then closed the latch of the Sacred Heart, and the water then stopped gushing, and the angel and I left.


People do not be afraid. When you suffer a lot, tell our Lord Jesus and offer it up to Him. What I was shown is how our Lord immerses and accepts your suffering, and He washes it in the fountain of Living Water. Suffering is the sweet fruit you produce to offer up to God, and from this come good things that we are not aware of; how many souls can benefit from this and how many people can be touched, saved and healed.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this beautiful grace. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us.