23 February 2021

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Call Me to Intervene in this World with My Power


During Holy Mass, our Lord said to me, “Pray for my Churches, for they are very much persecuted and are down, all over the world. Pray for Jerusalem; there, they are now very restricted. They do not allow people to visit the most holiest place where I suffered. It all happened there. People love to come there on a pilgrimage, but due to the Coronavirus, they have been restricted. They tried to close the Churches.”


“Pray for the Middle East, pray for Lebanon. Their economies are down, and there is a lot of poverty and suffering; this will continue. The persecution of the Churches will continue,” He said.


Our Lord then asked me, “Do you believe in My Power? Do you believe that I Am powerful?”


I replied, “Oh Lord, I believe You are the most powerful above all power. You can do anything!”


Our Lord said, “Pray that I will soon use My Power, that I will intervene in the world with My Power, that is the only way that I will get rid of all the evil. But you have to proclaim and tell people to pray and to call Me to come. The sooner you call Me and ask Me to come, the sooner I will use My Power and will show you how I will get rid of all this evil that is in the world, that is restricting and closing the door to everything for My people.”


Blessed Mother said, “My Son is so offended. It is so dark now in the world, total darkness. There is so much sin in the world, and people do not realise how sinful it is. Pray that people will convert and repent of their sins that offend my Son so much.”