28 May 2023

Pentecost Sunday

Convocation of the Synod

During today’s Holy Mass, during the Bishop’s Homily which was about the Convocation of the Diocesan Synod, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “My child Valentina, I want to express My Sorrow on this very special Day of the Holy Spirit. This should be a joyous day—instead, My Heart pains at what I hear.”

What you hear today—the homily from the Bishop, he tries to include branches that do not belong to My Body, that My Father rejected. My Church is the true Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, which I established through My Apostles in Jerusalem and placed St Peter the Apostle in Rome as My Rock, which is My true Apostolic Church.”

“Listen to what the Bishop is saying but do not agree with it. Remain faithful to your faith that you were taught and brought up with.”