28 May 2023

Prayer Gathering at Joyce’s Home

Today we attended a beautiful prayer gathering at the home of Joyce, where we prayed the Holy Rosary prayers and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I also shared with the group the messages I receive from Heaven.

Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother were very happy with the prayer gathering, and they gave a special blessing to all the people present, and they thanked Joyce for inviting them (Jesus and Mary) to her home so warmly and with an open heart. They love her very much because she is so open and sincere towards them.

I offered all the petitions and prayers of the people present to our Lord. Our Lord immediately answered, “I accept your offering for the people, and I bless them in a very special way.”

Our Lord Jesus blessed all the people present, and that means that they each receive for what they ask, a very special grace.

Our Lord also gave a very special blessing for Joyce for inviting everyone to her home.