28th December

This morning whilst I was praying and offering my prayer to God for everyone, our Father appeared to me and said, “Valentina my daughter I want to tell you about Sydney. I sent fire because they (the people) offend me very much. Tell them to stop offending Me and to me, their God and Father.” Then He added, “If they do not listen to My call then worse is till to come. I will send them a terrible storm with icy rocks that will fall on them.” Our Father then raised His Might Hand and showed me in a vision this terrible storm destroying houses, roofs, and smashing everything. I was frightened and I said, “My Father, You can’t do this, it will destroy our homes. I live alone and I have no one to repair it for me.”

Then God the Father came so close to me and embraced me, smiled and said, “My daughter, don’t be afraid. You have Me, and when you have Me you have everything. Those who trust in me have nothing to fear.” At that moment I felt such comfort and peace coming from Him and I understood that it is true, that if I have my father nothing else matters. Then He added, “Not only will this storm destroy houses but as the rock fall they will also kill people. Tell people that for now My angels are holding back catastrophic storm from happening but when I will permit it they will let go and storm will fall on Sydney. If only people will listen an convert and come back to Me this disaster can be averted.”

God the Father then said, “My daughter, I want you to tell everyone that I their father and creator of everyone to return to me. Tell them that I love them so much, I love my children on earth so very much but they must return and accept Me quickly as their God, Father and Creator before it’s too late. My daughter another thing I want to tell you. When people say ‘mother nature’ causes these disasters (everywhere) they offend Me so much that My Heart is pierced right through like a knife. But I still keep coming back to you that My love is burning for al of you and I beg you like a beggar, come and return to me for I have so much to give.”

I concluded by saying, “Have mercy on us my loving Father and Creator. Have mercy on all your children.”