28th November

Before Holy Communion, I asked Our Lord Jesus, “Please help us, we have no priest today”. I saw Our Lord in a vision and He said, “Trust Me my child, fear not.” Then he smiled and said, “Oh come, oh come to Me and I will refresh you and nourish you with my own Body and Blood”. Then He repeated again, “Oh come, oh come always full of repentance and gratitude for my love, that I give you so freely.”

Our Lord always says, “Be grateful and appreciate the great gifts that I give you”. Later on the same day I had to console a person. Our Lord again spoke to me and said, “Valentina my child duty calls, try and serve Me well. Console my people and give them hope, tell them I know everything and not to be afraid to come to Me and to my beloved Mother for help, and to trust, trust, trust.”

Then sweetly He concluded, “Thank you my child for doing this all in my name. Serve Me well for I love you so much.” I answered, “Thank you my beautiful Lord Jesus Christ. I too love you and Blessed Mother, my Mother.”