28th May, 2006

In St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands. After receiving Holy Communion, I kneeled in thanksgiving to our Lord. I said, “Here is Your little nothing, Your little sinner, Have mercy on me.”

Instantly our Lord Jesus told me, “My child, each time you receive Me in Holy Communion and you swallow Me, you see, we become one body. So intimate we are. This is the most precious moment in your life here on earth until we meet in Heaven and be united forever.”

Tears were running down my cheeks as our Lord told me this, I was so overcome with emotion.

Then He said, “Cherish this precious moment, and be always truthful to Me, for I love you so much.” In such intimacy He spoke to me.

Always try to receive Holy Communion with humility and with a pure heart. Our Lord teaches us how intimate we are with Him, one body. How precious is the moment when He comes to us and heals us, wretched as we are. We should constantly praise Him with love and thanksgiving.

Thankyou, my Lord, my God, my teacher and my all. Have mercy on us.