1st June, 2006

Our Lord appeared to me this morning. He said, “Adore My Sacred Hemi, My child, and console Me, for so many people cause Me grieving and pain and they are so ungrateful. They don’t want to come to Me, to know Me and to love Me. I wait and wait and so few respond. Tell them how much I have to offer them and to love them in return.”

“How can I convince people to turn to Me, to look around and see the trouble that is in the world?”

“The world is in terrible chaos. The devil lights the spark and starts war and hate everywhere. Right now it is very close to this country of Australia. The soldiers sent in various countries from Australia, try to put peace among people but the violence continues. You must all pray for peace in these countries.”

“The majority of the people living there are very poor, and struggle to survive but there is no justice and stability. The leaders only care for the rich to benefit themselves. When the people see the imbalance, then revolutions start.”

“I, the Lord, suffer to see all this injustice in the world. Rich nations should come to the aid of other countries to help them improve.”