29 August 2021

Self-Service Holy Communion

When I prayed this morning, around five o’clock, I started with the I believe in praying the rosary when suddenly the angel appeared and said, “Our Lord Jesus sent me to take you with me.”

The angel and I walked when suddenly we found ourselves in what looked like a little village. We continued walking until we came upon a little church.

The angel said, “Let’s enter the church.”

I said, “Oh, this is so nice. I am so happy since I can now go to church, to Holy Mass.”

We stepped inside, and I saw some people including some young children; they were all standing in a queue to receive Holy Communion.

I said, “At least I am going to receive Holy Communion.”

I kneeled and made an Act of Contrition. I noticed the queue moved very quickly, and when my turn came, the priest said, “I cannot give you the Holy Eucharist; you have to take it yourself from the paten.”

The paten was on the Altar, on the side, while the priest stood a fair distance away.

I said, “Oh no! I don’t want to touch It. You give me Holy Communion.”

Then the priest said, “Well, if you can’t take It, then you won’t have It. I cannot touch the Host and serve you. From now on, it will only be self-service. We don’t touch people because of the Coronavirus. They can transmit the virus to us.”

Saddened and shocked by his response, I asked the priest, “Don’t you trust in our Lord Jesus Christ to protect you?”

He just smiled falsely and did not reply.

Then the angel said, “Come, we will go to another church.”

I was happy, hoping that in the next church, it will be normal. In this other church, there were two priests, one on either side of the Altar.

Again, I kneeled, hoping to receive Holy Communion in the usual manner and to receive It on the tongue. Instead, it was the same; the priests said to the people, “We don’t want to give Holy Communion because even the hands are full of germs. Each person has to take their own Holy Communion.”

Still kneeling, I thought to myself, ‘I have had enough!’ I was so upset, so I stood up with the angel and went really close to the priest and told him off.

I said, “How can you do this? Do you know how much you offend our Lord Jesus? Do you know our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother and the angels told me many times in Heaven never to touch the Holy Eucharist? You have no idea how sacred is the Holy Host.”

Both priests were listening to me and then said, “We live here on earth, and we have to do what they tell us to do.”

I was so upset by what I just saw and experienced. I then came home, and I started to offer all that I experienced to our Lord Jesus.

After a while, our Lord Jesus came and said, “Valentina, My child, I permit you to experience what will happen in the churches. I want you to write this message down so that people will know what is coming. After the Coronavirus, it will be stable and better. My priests will still fear touching people in the Holy Communion and decide to let people serve themselves. It is already in some churches in the world like that. I cannot tell you how much I Am sacrileged, and it will only get worse. They [the priests] are the ones who are ruining My churches because they have very little faith and trust in Me. Pray for all that I show you and console Me.”

Lord have mercy and help your people.