29 February 2024

How Sweet is My Holy Word

In the morning, while I was praying, our Lord Jesus came and said, “Valentina, My child, I will tell you what makes your messages and teachings so unique—it is because they come directly from Me, and that I reveal them to you.”

“And I also want to tell you that in a very short time, the whole of Creation will be renewed, and humanity will experience all that is coming to the world. Speak My Holy Word and spread it among people.”

“Do not listen to anyone else, only to Me. Right?” He said, “Because they only confuse you.”

“Encourage people to repent and to change—that is the most important in anyone’s life. The most important is to seek God first and to come into the Light, and not to live in the darkness of sin, for that is the devil who leads them into that.”

“Praise Me and love Me for all that I share with you.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, I love You.

In this vision, while our Lord Jesus was speaking to me, I was sitting on the grass, and scattered all around me were all the written messages given to me by our Lord. As people were passing by, I was handing them the messages. But before giving them the messages, I would sprinkle each one with chocolate. Everybody wanted them, and as they would take the messages and walk away, they would smile.

So surprised with myself at what I was doing, I said to our Lord, “Lord, I have never done this before!”—sprinkling chocolate on the messages.

He smiled and said, “You did this because My Holy Word is very sweet.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all the graces and blessings.