3 March 2024

The Punishment Hanging Right Above the World

This morning, the angel came and said, “His Majesty our Lord Jesus wishes to speak to you.”

Suddenly, the angel brought me into the presence of our Lord Jesus in Heaven. In awe, I gazed upon our Lord, who was so young and beautiful, with a neatly groomed brown beard and passionate eyes, standing as a King in the presence of angels and a group of Saints.

He was wearing His majestic burgundy and wine-coloured mantle decorated with exquisitely detailed shimmering gold embroidery and on His Holy Head a tall golden Crown encrusted with the finest jewels. So much Light emanated from our Lord, enveloping all those present.

I do not know if the group of Saints were apostles, but they were very tall gentlemen who stood next to our Lord. Their faces were completely covered in the mist of Light coming from our Lord, so much Light that their spiritual bodies were transformed in the Light. In this intimate gathering with our Lord, the Holy Men were present to witness what our Lord was about to tell me. They did not speak.

As I stood before our Lord and King, surrounded by a mist of Light and gazing upon His Majesty, I felt I was truly in the presence of God. I did not take notice of the Holy Men next to our Lord, nor the angels who were further away and obscured by the Light. I only looked at our Lord, who spoke in a very gentle voice.

He said, “Valentina, My child, I brought you here to warn you of what is coming to the world. First of all—tell people to read the Book of Esther and how she pleaded to the King to save her people.”

Gesturing with His right Hand and pointing towards Himself, He said, “And that King is Me! She was pleading to Me to save her people from punishment.”

“But,” He said, “The punishment now can no longer be delayed. The punishment is ominously hanging over the world, as people do not change and do not listen or take any notice of this warning, especially the leaders of all the nations of the world. The leaders have to come before Me and repent. Most of the punishment is through them because they are leading people astray, teaching them wrong and giving them wrong commandments that are not Mine but their own. They are leading people into total darkness, and they agree with all the evil. The world is in horrible sin and total darkness.”

“But the punishment, greater than ever before, is hanging right above the world.”

In a vision, I saw that the punishment was not high above the world but hanging low, just above it.

“So warn people of this,” He said. “This is a serious warning that I give to you.”

“I plead with you—please warn the people of this so they can convert and change.”

Our Lord is seriously warning us. He repeated, “I really, really want you to warn people because this will happen. People take no notice of it, especially the leaders.”

From this special place in Heaven, I felt that our Lord allows Justice to come to the world. This group of Holy Men, standing next to our Lord, were like His guardians and are very close to our Lord. There were no women present. I didn’t see Blessed Mother and yet she knows all about this. The good people in the world need to plead to our Lord, the King, just like Esther did. People must change and REPENT now.

After our Lord finished talking and warning us of all these dangers, the angel took me back home. On the way back, the angel said, “Did you see how Lord Jesus, our Majesty and King, how sad He was?”

“And I tell you, this is serious—this is something that you cannot get out of. The world is too far gone.”

I felt so sorry for what our Lord was telling me, and I felt sorry for humanity. Our Lord’s warning for the world was so severe that the shock of hearing it pierced my heart. I became worried and nauseous, and my whole stomach was upset when the angel returned me home.

I thought, ‘How am I going to go to church today—O Lord, please help me.’

Later that morning, during Holy Mass, our Lord smiled, and trying to cheer me up, He said, “If they only knew who is here? Do you know you are full of prophecy inside out? Your whole body and soul are full of prophecy. That is why you have an upset stomach.”