29th August

The Lord Jesus said, “People wonder why all these weather disasters happen. My child, it is for a very good reason that they are happening. Man must realise that God is in charge of all and that they must return to love God and to return to seek His pardon and mercy before it is too late. Humanity offends God too much. These disasters will continue until mankind wakes up and stops offending Him.”

Jesus continued, “Your homeland Slovenia will also experience these disasters. Pray, repent convert. Come, I am your God and creator of all the universe. I love you all. Come to me, I am the living water that gives you life and I Myself will wash and cleanse you to be pure. Only in Me you will find true life and happiness.”

When we repent our Lord purifies and cleanses us because we confess our sins and He will give us the grace to love Him and to be united with Him. I concluded by saying, “Lord I thankyou for your constant warnings. Please have mercy on us all your children.”