14th August

God the Father said to me today when I prayed, “My daughter, We of Heaven tell you an always warn people of the world in advance the things that will happen. We give people a chance to come to God, to love Him and not to offend Him.

Look My child, haven’t I always begged My children to return to me. But they ignore my call that I speak through simple souls. They ridicule and persecute them. How sad that makes me and all of Heaven is sad (for God the Father). The Mother of My beloved Son is sent constantly to warn of you of dangerous times that you will live in and experience. The threat of horrific wars is upon you. They threaten the human life that is a gift from Me, your loving father. Only I have the right to take it, not the evil one to destroy it.

I have been so humiliated that I cry with sorrow. Where are you all heading? To self-destruction, corruption, so much sin. It is on a open scale no. My children, REPENT, REPENT, REPENT (My Father said as He was looking at me very sadly). My children, recognise that I am the Father of all love and that I love you very much. Recognise the times the times that you live in are full of troubles. The time that you live in has been given an extra time of my mercy to change your way of life and live in My love and not in sin.

I am waiting to embrace you all. The smoke of sin is so thick that it is reaching all the way to Heaven. Listen to My word and obey it. I will pour abundant graces and mercy on all of you. Don’t be afraid to come to me. I love you so much. Pray, repent and return to me. Come to me, I am the living waters so that I can give you life in abundance. I myself will wash you and cleanse you so that you will be pure. Only in Me will you find true life and happiness. So many people wonder why all these disasters are happening everywhere. People have been warned before in previous messages but they don’t take any notice.”

I responded, “Thankyou God the Father for you constant warnings, love and patience. Have mercy on us all your children.”