12th August

Our Lord appeared to me as The Good Shepherd. He then said to me, as he was smiling “Valentina My child, lead all my sheep to Me. I know all My sheep but some don’t hear My voice and some are to stubborn to come to Me. I am so sad when they reject Me. I love the al. Even if one comes back, I am o happy. The whole of Heaven is rejoicing. Of cause, all the glory goes to Me, your Lord and your God.”

I was thinking, my Lord, but they don’t listen. Jesus smiled at me knowing what I was thinking. So I said to Him, “Lord, would it help if I offer the whole world to you in sprit?” He replied, “Yes, my child, do that often and pray for all to return to Me. Many don’t know Me at all because they are not taught.”

Our Lord continued, “Life on earth is very short and passes very quickly before you all. Many die without even knowing Me. How sad it makes Me to see all this. These are the lost sheep that go astray, the ones that don’t know Me. My child speak to people to come to me, to turn before it is too late. Many catastrophic events are happening all over the world and many people will die in them.”

Our Lord was looking at me and said that he does not want to put fear in to us but he wants us to be ready for Him, to know his and to love Him.

He then said, “Be at peace. I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

I responded, “Thankyou Lord, The Good Shepherd. Have mercy on us and watch over us you’re little lambs.