5th August

In Church after Holy Communion:

After leaving a few minutes I sat up our Lord quickly reminded me and said, “Kneel down My child, you are still in My Holy presence and thank Me my child for everyone as so many receive Me unworthily in Holy communion. Some never confess and receive Me in mortal sin.”

As I was kneeling I was looking at the Tabernacle and I saw a vision of a Heavenly garden and two angels kneeling on either side. The angels moved aside and our Lord Himself appeared and kneeled down I was thinking it is truly God who lives in the Tabernacle and is alive. Jesus said to me. “My child, Do you really believe that I live in the Heavenly Tabernacle only because you can see me?” I replied, “Oh, no my Lord, I really truly believe that you were present in the Holy tabernacle.”

Jesus said, “You are truly blessed because you believe in the Holy Tabernacle, How sad I am for those who don’t believe in My true presence any more.”

I concluded by saying, “Have mercy my Lord, have mercy.”