4th August

Our Lord Jesus said to me, “Peace be with you, My child. Be at peace even when you see things that are not right.” (He was talking about things that are wrong in the Church).

He continued by saying, “I am persecuted in nearly every Church now. How sad that makes Me. (He was very sad and lamenting). My Holy presence has been moved away from the centre of the Church. It seems that they cannot stand my Holy presence any more. In the Churches it is becoming more Protestant. Priests don’t seem to care much any more. They are teaching people to receive Me t in the hand instead of on the tongue, because My children, your hands are not consecrated. Only priests hands are.

The laws have been changed to suit man but My law remains always. The ladies are so proud to be My ministers of the Eucharist. Oh, My child, how offended I am everyday. Soon it will all be taken away from you because you don’t appreciate Me and disobey Me. Then they will know that I the Lord have done that. Pray for priests and bishops because they are so confused.”

I responded, “Have mercy my Lord Jesus.”