2nd July

Today I was supposed to meet my friend at St. Patrick’s Church in Sydney. I travelled by train. I was reciting the rosary, when I stopped and said to the Lord, “My Lord Jesus, I am so disorganised. I didn’t even bring a little gift as she is going to Europe tomorrow.”

Our Lord instantly replied to me, “My child, Valentina, be at peace and don’t worry. You can offer Me to “M… (friend)” as a gift. You don’t need to repay Me and it won’t cost you a cent. I am the most precious gift. I Myself give to those who want Me and keep Me for all eternity. My child, you have no idea of the treasure of My love that possesses you. The value of My love which you all inherit, is the greatest gift of all that you can give to everyone.”
I answered, “Thankyou, Lord, for Your love”.