2nd May 2015

Prayer Group Gathering
During one of our Rosary prayer group gatherings, at my friend Nives’s house, our Blessed
Mother appeared to me.
We were sitting around the statue of our Blessed Mother, when suddenly I could hear Her
voice speak to me, “Kneel down My child.” Then she appeared to Me.
She smiled, “My children I come to tell you how much I love you, I want to save you and
protect you from the Evil that is around you in the world. When you pray in groups I am present with you and lead you to My Son Jesus.”
She said, “The joy is enormous in both our Hearts, and My Son pours out many Graces upon all of you. Children, continue to pray and make sacrifices for this sick and sinful humanity, so that the Grace from the Father can be obtained and Mercy given to the world.”
I felt that our Blessed Mother was preparing me for the vision that I was about to see.
Suddenly, I found myself elevated above the people gathered in the room. I was transferred into another dimension, whilst at the same time, I was fully aware of the prayer group around me.
A vision appeared before me of our Blessed Mother Mary standing in front of a large group of people. She was beautifully dressed in a white tunic and blue mantle with Her hands joined in prayer, while the people around Her were singing the most beautiful and enchanting hymns and songs. It was a Heavenly melody.
Our Blessed Mother was very joyful and She said to me, “I am leading you, My children, through this battle of Evil. This is a victory that you will win through your prayers and your devotions to Me, and I am leading you to My Son Jesus.”
The vision was so incredibly beautiful. I recognised some of the people in this large group. I could see my friend Nives, who was standing beside our Blessed Mother. I could also see some other ladies from the group. I was quite surprised to see how the people in the group all looked so much younger than their earthly age. I could see them as youthful adults. They were full of joy, singing and praising our Lord Jesus. Their singing was like a great oratorio of angelic voices, so beautiful that I cannot describe.
It was not of this world, but a celestial harmony, a melody from Heaven.
I was standing beside our Blessed Mother when She looked at me and said, “Nothing matters in your lives or is more important than prayer.”
After the vision ended, and I came back to my earthly reality, from a heavenly realm, I looked around the room, and saw all of these people and felt a sudden sadness and disappointment. I could no longer hear the heavenly singing and praising.
At that moment, I had an immense desire to share this beautiful vision with our prayer group, but I felt that many of them would not understand.
I said to our Lord, “Maybe people will not understand this vision.”
I love them all, and I asked our Lord to bless each of them.