2nd September, 2012

Blessed Mother Mary appeared saying, “Come we will visit some souls in purgatory.”

We arrived in a place which appeared to be a building, damaged and abandoned. The souls were very sad and depressed, crowded into this small space. They cheered up when Mary appeared amongst them. They knew my name and spoke to us, asking me to pray for them.

I told them, “You cannot ask for yourselves whilst here, but offer your sufferings to God. I will ask Him to bless you.”

At that moment, I looked up and saw Our Lord very high up, raising His hand in blessing and then just as quickly He went. The holy Souls are not allowed to see Him until after their purification.

I said, “Look, there He is.”

They said, “Where? We cannot see Him.”

Then I told them, He did bless you.”

Holy Mary said, “For all this that you tell the Holy souls, you give then great encouragement to go on.”

There suffering, to hem, is never ending always in dark and gloomy place. Lord, have mercy on their souls and bring them to the light.