5th September, 2012

Early this morning, the Angel came and took me to purgatory.

We entered into a building, and in this room we encountered many priests. One Priest approached us. He was clothed in a brown robe.

I spoke cheerfully, even though the room was very dark, “why are you in the dark?”

He said, “There is no light for us. I am selected to come forward and speak to you. Please bring us to the light and pray for us.”

There were many Priests and bishops in another room. They were not permitted to approach the angel, and they remained in darkness.

I tried to tell the Priest that I received messages from Jesus, but he didn’t want to listen. I noticed I was holding in my hand the cards containing about me and the website. He was very agitated and didn’t listen.

He said, “Tell people to pray for us. We are all waiting in darkness and cannot pray for ourselves. Whatever we touch crumbles*. Tell people to pray, all else is useless.”

Then the angel took me to another place which had some light.

The people who were there were ordinary people. They were very happy to see us and some embraced me. They had tears in their eyes and pleaded, “We are very hungry, can you give us some bread to eat**? We are forgotten, nobody remembers us.”

They were losing hope of being lifted out of this place.

* All that they try to do dissolves. While on earth we accumulate material things which are useless after death.

** Bread represents many things: Eucharist, prayers and the Word of God. Fasting and prayers will help these souls out of purgatory.

While at Mass

I knelt after receiving Holy Communion and prayed, “Lord, I praise You and thank You for all Your kindness and goodness. I thank you a million times from me and for all the people here present.”

Our Lord responded, smiling “O come, O come to Me all of you, and I will nourish you with My Banquet, and I will give you eternal life.”