2nd September

The holy Mother spoke. “Oh My child, you can see the suffering becoming every day more and more. It will become more intense. There will be more crime on the street and your societies will not be able to control the crime. The little children will be the target. People do not wake up to see all this is happening. Pray, My children, unceasingly.

My Son is sad for you My children, but He wants people to bend down to repent for so many offences and blasphemies that He receives everyday. His justice is to come to all humanity. I cry for you My children, but you must speak to people. Don’t be afraid. They must stop offending God and repent before it is too late. I love all My children so don’t be afraid to speak the truths that come from My Son and Me. I love you and will always protect you.”

I replied, “Thank you Blessed Mother, I love you.”