6th September

As I prayed the rosary in my Bedroom, I could see a little boy in a cradle covered in a blanket. I asked the little Boy, “Who are you little boy?” He sadly answered me But in the voice of a man, not an infant, “Don’t you know Me, I am your Lord. Uncover Me and allow Me to come near you. My Wish is that you uncover Me and introduce Me to people so that I come near them. I am sad, like a little infant, who is unloved and abandoned, I desire your love, My children. I wish to return a lot of love and graces, come close to Me and allow Me to love you.” I said, “Thank You My Lord for your infinite love for us. Forgive us Lord.”

In this vision our little Lord Jesus was very sad, people love Him too little. They reject Him and don’t allow Him to come close to them. Please love the Lord for He has so much to give you in return, everlasting joy, peace and happiness.