3 June 2022

Honour My Sacred Heart in this Month of June

Our Lord Jesus appeared and manifested while we were praying the Cenacle Rosary. He said, “Tell people to honour My Sacred Heart in this month of June. My Sacred Heart is so special and loves humanity so much, yet today people deny Me and pierce Me with so many offences coming from the world, and going straight through My agonising Heart.”

“Never in the history of humanity has sin been so terrible as now. People have lost their sense of remorse. They live so carefree as if it is all normal.”

“Speak to people about repentance and proclaim My Holy Word.”

Our Lord instantly heals us when we repent and confess to Him, and He will give us peace. Peace in our soul. God restores peace and love in each person through the Sacrament of Confession.

Lord, have mercy on humanity, and we pray that people will repent and change.