4 June 2022

The Universal Cross above Earth

At the prayer group, when we were reciting the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and we came to the fifth mystery, the Crucifixion, our Lord Jesus lifted my spirit. I was raised high up above the people in our prayer group.

Suddenly, I was lifted high above the earth and found myself in the universe. I remained on my knees because I was meditating on the Passion of our Lord Jesus. Suddenly everything was open for me to see.

Our Lord Jesus then said and showed me, “Look at My Holy Cross, on which the Son of Man died for all humanity. Do you know this is the Universal Cross?”

“I want you to go from East to West and from North to South and round up all humanity to me. Leave them under my Holy Cross and tell them to repent and to beg Me for My mercy.”

“It is My last plea to save all before you plunge into the deepest darkness with no return.”

“My Holy Cross is universal and the most powerful. Nothing is above My Holy Cross, and no matter what, there is no Salvation without My Holy Cross. In an instant, I will forgive you and heal you when you ask Me sincerely.”

“Valentina, don’t be afraid to speak out and to spread My Holy Word as far as you can to all. I want to save the world with My universal and powerful Cross.”

“I bless you all and be at peace.”

In a vision our Lord Jesus showed me:

I was now somewhere in the universe with our Lord Jesus standing beside me. Above the earth, right in the centre, stood the huge Holy Cross, all aglow. It looked so beautiful and powerful standing on the horizon. It is universal and stands right in the centre, above the globe. Beams of golden light were shooting from the Cross everywhere towards the earth.

The earth looked so beautiful and so colourful. I could clearly see the oceans, so huge and the water, the most brilliant blue. I could see parts of the earth covered in greenery. It all looked so alive.

In awe of God’s Creation, I said, “Oh, planet earth is so beautiful, and we should appreciate it and thank God for it.”

It is the Universal Cross on which our Lord died for all of us to redeem us all. He also sees that we on planet earth live in terrible danger, with all kinds of ugly happenings coming towards us. He wants to save us all because He loves us very much.

Thank you, Lord Jesus. Have mercy on us all.