5 June 2022

God the Father speaks to His Children

Yesterday our prayer group gathered at Jan’s house for our First Saturday prayer devotions.

This morning while I was praying my morning prayers, God the Father came.

He said, “My daughter Valentina, I, your Father, I Am speaking to you. I want you to give this message to Jan, My daughter.”

“Tell her how privileged is her prayer group and how very special is her house. In her house, I revealed to you My daughter Valentina such a powerful message and a vision of My Universal Cross.”

Speaking to Jan, God the Father said, “My daughter Jan, you should be very happy that I have chosen your house for prayer and devotion. You have had many years of prayers in your home.”

“Your humility pleases Me very much. You welcome everyone, and your kindness and generosity you give to all. I love you for that very much.”

“Keep your house of prayer open for Me. Continue to pray for humanity because the world is very bad and sinful. Your prayers can touch many hearts, and you receive many graces. My daughter, I thought you would like to know how privileged you are in My Eyes. I love you all and bless you. Be at peace.”

I said, “God the Father, we love you too, very much. Have mercy on souls.”