5 June 2022

Pentecost Sunday

Today during the Holy Mass, new members of the Catholic Education Office were present.

Lord Jesus said, “There are many errors in the catholic education in catholic schools. They do not teach the children the true holy Catholic Faith as they should. A lot of the true teaching has been cut out, so the children are not taught correctly.”

Our Lord wants us to pray for this. There are errors being taught in the church, and so, for all of that, our Lord is sacrileged and offended in every way, in the church and in Holy Communion.

During the Communion Rite, when we received Holy Communion, our Lord manifested, all in white. He was walking throughout the church and amongst the people. A beautiful angel with huge golden wings was with Him.

Our Lord has no choice but to bless us and to manifest because the Holy Communion is His Holy Body.

He was sad and lamented to me, “They come to receive Me unrepentant again! They sacrilege Me so much.”

This is extremely painful for our Lord.

Then after the distribution of Holy Communion, I could see the Holy Souls coming to the altar. Most of them, after they approach the altar, I don’t see them anymore. They are taken by our Lord.

As today is the Feast of Pentecost, many souls went to Heaven. However, some are left behind. I could see a lady, a soul. She looked so confused and kept turning as if she was lost. She was wearing a black veil on her head. She kept looking around and appeared to be in a state of panic because she was left behind.”

I felt so sad for her.

I said, “Lord, I offer You this lady. I don’t know what she had done in her life.”

The black represents that the sin is still on her.

During the Mass, some souls are taken to Heaven, but the rest are left behind, and this lady was one of them. The ones left behind, I see them going back to the Holy Tabernacle to pray.

Lord, have mercy on the Holy Souls.