30TH JANUARY, 2016.

I was taken, by the Blessed Mother, to a place in Purgatory.

She said, “Come with Me, I will show you where Souls have been captive for many centuries.”

We entered into a ‘hollow place, very large, filled with ramps going up and down.  Souls were sitting in groups, thousands of them, they were all gazing at us.

I asked, “What are they waiting for?”

She answered, “They are all very hungry.”

I said, “Are they going to have lunch?”

Mary smiled, “Not that kind of food, they are waiting for deliverance, prayer and Mass offerings to release them from this captive place.”

Then She led me out of this place into a street, very old looking.  There were old rickety black trolley buses, arriving and leaving, off loading many Souls.

I said, “Blessed Mother, this is so depressing.  How are we going to get out of here? Where is Sydney?”

She laughed, “You see how unhappy you feel.  This is how the Souls feel when they come, they have no choice but to stay until someone helps them.”

What was shown to me, I realised that it was I who had to help them.  Holy Mary took me back home.  I was grateful and relieved.

When I arrived in the church before Mass, I offered up all the Souls to our Lord before the altar, saying, “Lord, be merciful to all these Souls who I saw in the vision earlier today.”  I also prayed for them during our Cenacle prayer.

That night I received such a severe pain in my left leg, I felt I couldn’t take it any longer.

Suddenly, a light appeared and it became brighter and brighter.  Then, our Lord was standing midst the light.

He smiled and said, “Peace be with you.  It is I, your Lord.  I come to tell you that the Souls you met this morning, I give you the suffering and pain for them.  Please bear with love so you can help and release them.”

Our Lord appeared several times during the night and in the morning He told me to have a little rest.  Then I slept well for about two hours and woke feeling refreshed.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord,

May perpetual light shine upon them,

May they rest in Peace.