31ST JANUARY, 2016

During morning prayer, I said over and over, “Lord be merciful to us for we have sinned against You,” for I had the urge to do this, I felt the Holy Spirit had led me.

At that moment, a Holy person appeared saying, “I was sent by the Lord and He heard your prayer. I come to tell you that this year something great and big will happen to the world.  Every human being will experience this, no one will be capable to refuse it.”

I said, “I myself received this message. It is included in the messages given to me previously.”

He answered, “I know all about that.”

I said, “I try to tell people about this, nobody seems to pay attention to it.”

Then he said, “When this thing happens everyone will experience it throughout the world.”

He showed me a husband and wife.  The wife was a very humble and religious person but her husband was a very cross and aggressive person towards her.  When the Holy Spirit touched both of them, the husband became very loving and gentle towards her.  He was completely transformed.

“This is just an example showing you what will happen.”

I answered, “Let it be God’s will.”

Later, during Mass, I prayed to God, “Lord, referring to the message I received earlier today, I place in Your Holy hands.”

Jesus said, “My child, what is in front of Me, I see the behaviour of the world, I can no longer tolerate.”