30TH JULY, 2010

While praying, our Lord Jesus came to me.

He said, “Valentina, My child, whatever you write and whatever you know, you did not learn from the world, but from Me that I teach you. Appreciate what I do for you and say, ‘My Lord and my God, my teacher, my life and my everything. I am nothing without You, You are everything to me. I love You and I praise You for Your glory.’ ”

After our Lord departed, I was so amazed at what He was telling me, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect and most beautiful teacher than our Lord Jesus.

One day in July, our Lord came to me and asked me to honour His Precious Blood.

He said, “I would like My Bishops and Priests to mention to the faithful in the churches that the month of July is dedicated to My Precious Blood. You have no idea the power of it. One drop of My Precious Blood can save the world.”