25TH JULY, 2010

The Eternal Father appeared and said to me, “My daughter, I come today to reveal to you that many disasters will come to you, My children, on many different parts of the world. These disasters will increase and you will wonder ‘why do they happen?’ ”

“For many years I have tried to warn My children that these disasters will come upon you but I was ignored and pushed away. How I wish My children would listen to their Father and Creator who loves them so much.”

“My daughter, I have to tell you something and show you what is supposed to happen now.”

He extended His hand and showed me a seascape. I saw a huge bridge spanning the water (I felt during the vision that this was in the D.S.A).

The Eternal Father then said, “See, if I permit this disaster to happen, this bridge will crumble into little pieces, into nothing.”

Then He smiled and said, “I stopped this horrific disaster which was supposed to happen because My devoted children were praying to Me, and I had compassion not to punish them.”

“Tell My children this is only temporary that I stop. I can always bring it forward again if humanity does not change.”

He stepped closer to me and said, “My child, there are many false prophets in the world these days. They foretell many false messages but they don’t come from Me. I never speak to them. So be careful, My child, don’t trust everybody.”

While He was still talking to me He said, “My child, don’t be afraid, We are always with you to protect you.”

At that moment, Blessed Mother appeared, accompanied by an Angel. She was very joyful.

She hugged me and said, “I hear many condemn you and say you are a false prophet and won’t listen to you, but I cannot stand this injustice. If I have to, I will appear to them personally and tell them to listen to you. They cannot accuse you because you are a little altar boy around My
Son’s table in Heaven.”

(While our Lady was holding me I was thinking, ‘What altar boy? I am
not an altar boy!)

She knew what I was thinking and She said, “My daughter, what you cannot see with your eyes that which My Son gives to you, We here see this spiritually and one day it will be revealed to you and you will appreciate this much more.”

Holy Mary then left me.

I gave thanksgiving then, for all the graces given to me, to our Lord and
Creator and to our Beautiful Mother Mary Most Holy.