5th June, 2010

This morning, while praying the Holy Rosary. I gave thanksgiving to our Lord for the new day and presented prayers for all those asking for their intentions. Presently, Holy Mary appeared smiling.

She said, ‘My daughter, tell people I am more than happy to pray on behalf of people who ask Me themselves for their intentions. I will help them and lead them by their hands (spiritually) back to God.’

‘I love each one specially but they must ask for themselves and not to be afraid. By doing this, they will receive peace and all the rest will be given to them.’

‘Tell them to attend confession regularly and to pray the Holy Rosary daily. They will then receive many graces from My Son Jesus.’

Thankyou Blessed Mother for loving us and teaching us. Pray for us.

In explanation, Holy Mary wants us to pray continually and perpetually ask for requests. Do not gradually fall away from prayer. Make a conscious effort to keep in touch with Heaven. Eventually graces will be granted.