2nd June, 2010

Lord Jesus came to me during prayers this morning. He was holding His hand over His Sacred Heart.

He spoke, ‘Valentina, My child, honour My Sacred Heart full of pity and love for all of you.’

‘Look how My Heart is grieving for all the whole world which is offending Me so much.’

‘So severe is the pain in My Heart. With all this pain, I still feel very sorry for all of you. Nothing is sure in the world. The economy is falling and will slowly develop into a depression.’

‘There will be demonstrations in all parts of the world and in places there will be revolutions due to the corruption of governments.’

‘I am sorry to tell you this, My children, but eventually there will be famine worldwide. In some parts money will become worthless. The wealthy will look after themselves. The rich will get richer and the poor will be poorer.’

‘With all this coming and all these problems, if only they would turn to Me, I would be more than happy to help them. My Sacred Heart grieves to see all this injustice in the world.’

‘My children, trust Me and console My Sacred Heart.’ Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.