24th May, 2010


Our Blessed Mother spoke, ‘My dear children, most of you celebrate My feast today, Our Lady help of Christians.’

‘I was entrusted by My Son with this title to help My Christian children. I am very happy that I can lead My children and help them, especially to those who celebrate My feast in this country.’ (Australia)

She looked at me smiling, and then said, ‘Do you know that at one time this country was very Christian but since then many nations of a different background have brought a lot of atheism with them and Australia has become atheistic, at least by two thirds of the population.’

‘You see the candles in the church. When you light a candle it represents your faith that is alive. When the candle finishes, the flame dies and all is darkness, and unless the candle is renewed again and again by prayer and good works the flame will not become light again.’

‘I am sorry, My children, that you have to live amongst all these non-believers. The government tries to restrict society by denial of God. If it were not for God, not anything would exist. My children, God loves you so much but it grieves His heart to see people fall away from the true faith. Console Him with prayer and encourage people to come back to God. ‘

‘I bless you all on this very special day.’

And our Lady left in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.