3rd May, 2010

Holy Mary appeared wearing a glorious blue dress, sheer and glistening, very full with long tudor style sleeves, very deep at Her wrist. She was holding Baby Jesus in Her arms.

She said, ‘Console My Son for He is offended so much by so many offences and sins committed in the world today.’

Our Mother explained, ‘You do know, My children, in many countries they experience terrible disasters. You cannot count on when they will stop. This is to wake you up, My children, and come back to God. He is your only salvation.’

‘As soon as one disaster is repaired another one will follow.’

Blessed Mother then placed Baby Jesus in my arms and said, ‘Love My Son as I love Him. He is always My little baby.’

She reminded me that we must pray the Holy Rosary everyday to obtain God’s grace and mercy.