31 December 2023

We Need To Pray For Our Priests For Their Protection

This message was received on 5 October 2023 and not previously published. This morning, while I was praying, the angel came and said, “Come with me. I want to show you something.”

Suddenly, I found myself standing at the foot of the steps leading to the Chapel, near the statue of St John Paul II. I was standing on the first step while the angel stood a couple of steps higher.

Suddenly, I saw so many black bugs approaching the steps—there were so many of them, like an army heading towards the Chapel. They just kept coming, more and more of them.

I said, “Oh my goodness me! It’s full of them!”

I said to the angel, “I hate bugs.”

He said, “Go and get the wheelbarrow.”

All of a sudden, a wheelbarrow with two shovels appeared. The angel and I started shovelling the black bugs and the loose cement pieces beneath them into the wheelbarrow until it was full. We did not pick up the bugs with our hands but only collected them with the shovels.

The angel said, “Take them over into the park and empty them there.”

Accompanied by the angel, I wheeled the full barrow to the park across the road and emptied them there. We then returned to the Chapel steps. To my surprise, at the foot of the steps, from where we had just collected all the bugs, sprouting from the concrete, was a little green tree, about half a metre tall and very fresh. Again, the black bugs appeared, but this time, they surrounded this little tree shoot. It was like a big circle of them all around this little tree.

I thought, ‘How can the little tree grow from concrete?”

I asked the angel, “Where did they all come from again, these bugs?”

He said, “See this little branch, so fresh—that is a new and very tender tree that has sprouted in this Church; that is the new priest who has just started here through the week.”

“He is a branch, a young one—little and innocent, but already the devil, the blackness, has encircled him.”

The black bugs represent evil. There were thousands of them, and they formed a very thick wreath around this little tree shoot.

I said to the angel, “What are we going to do now?”

He said, “Well, Valentina, they all point to you. You have to remove them again.”

“I hate bugs,” I said to the angel.

Anyway, at that moment, Blessed Mother appeared. She was standing there, smiling and watching.

She said, “You had better start praying for this Church. They want to attack this Church again.”

Immediately, I consecrated the young priest to her Immaculate Heart, for she is the Mother of all priests.

I did as the angel instructed, and again, we started shovelling the black bugs into the barrow and then wheeling them away from the church grounds, across the road to the side of the park on the footpath, this time not in the park. We left them there and watched as they all started moving away from the Church.

Back at the Chapel, the angel, standing on the steps, smiling and pointing with his finger towards the Chapel, said, “I still say that this Cenacle Prayer group in Parramatta is number one.”

The angel was very happy telling me this, for at the same time, he was giving us the courage to pray.

The vision then ended.

The explanation is spiritual. The newly ordained priest is surrounded by black bugs which want to attack him. The Blessed Mother came to his rescue because she is the Mother of the Church, the Mother of priests. He needs prayers for protection because, in the vision, the bugs came very close to the little tree, wanting to eat it.

The evil bugs represent the evil spirits that are ready to attack and discourage every priest in the world. We have to pray for them and consecrate them to the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother. They are her sons, and she loves them. This will give them encouragement.