31 December 2023

Blessed Mother Takes Me to Medjugorje to Visit Souls

This message was received on 26 October 2023 and not previoulsy published. Throughout the night, as usual, I had a lot of suffering, but I was also attacked by demons—that was the terrible thing. The suffering was so intense that I felt I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Suddenly, I was holding Baby Jesus in my arms. The demons were present, trying to grab Him and tear Him apart. I tried to protect our Lord, hiding Him, and I was running as the devil was chasing me, going this way and then that way.

Finally, appearing behind me, Blessed Mother came in a beautiful long, burgundy dress.

“What a relief!” I said.

There were three demons—dark, ugly-looking men, threatening me. They said, “We have come to stop you and to destroy you. You can’t do all that.”

The angel said, “Run! Run! Let us run! Let us go quickly away!”

“But, where is the Baby?” I asked the angel.

“Don’t worry, the Blessed Mother took the Baby,” he replied.

The angel and I were running and running along this road.

I asked the angel, “Where are we running to?’

“Vietnam!” he answered, “We are going to Vietnam.”

But I don’t remember getting to Vietnam, as I suddenly found myself back in my bedroom.

After returning to my room, being puffed and out of breath from the running, I noticed a fence around my dressing table, a form of protection.

I was thinking about what I had just experienced, ‘Who are these people chasing me?

I understood that the demons were attacking me as this is a spiritual battle—more people are reading the Messages I receive from Heaven and I have also been attending more prayer groups. He wants to get rid of Jesus and me, he does not want me spreading the Holy Word of God to people.

I continued to pray when, at five-thirty in the morning, Blessed Mother appeared. She said, “Valentina, come with me. There is something I have to show you and share with you.”

We found ourselves in a place—I don’t think it was here on earth, but it would be in Heaven.

She said, “Valentina, you know you promised something to me, but you didn’t fulfil your promise.”

I was thinking, ‘When did I promise?’ Usually, I pray the Consecration and fulfil my daily prayers and offerings, but after my sister Angela died just recently, all my prayers, for two weeks after her death, were interrupted.

Blessed Mother said, “Come and have a look.” She opened this tall container. As I looked inside, I saw that at the bottom of this container was quite a lot of wheat grain mixed with other dark grains. It was not pure.

She said, “See, it’s not clean because you didn’t fulfil your promise to me.”

I apologised and said, “I am sorry, Blessed Mother.” I was standing and watching what Blessed Mother was showing me. I felt terrible. It was like a knife going through my heart.

But I was thinking, ‘But do they know how much I suffered losing my sister?’ But Heaven—they see things differently to us. All the daily prayers and offerings I would make, Blessed Mother, would use them for many different things. She was not too upset, but she gently reminded me of my promise, and the feeling I had wasn’t very nice.

She was sitting down when she was showing me this, and then she stood up and said, “Let us go.”

Smiling, she said, “Guess where I am taking you now? I am taking you to Medjugorje!”

‘Oh, to Medjugorje?’ I was thinking to myself excitedly.

Blessed Mother heard my thoughts and replied, “Yes, I am taking you to Medjugorje to show you something, and I need you to help me and my Son.”

Suddenly, we found ourselves in Medjugorje.

She said, “I am not taking you to St James Church, but we are going to the surrounding areas on the outskirts of Medjugorje. There are people there that need your help.”

I saw different groups of people. There were groups of men and groups of women. Wherever I looked, I could see people here and there.

I also recognised Father Slavko Barbaric (died 24 November 2000). He looked so young and so beautiful. He wore a long brown Capuchin habit. He was smiling and talking to some people in a group.

I said to Blessed Mother, “Oh, Father died, but look at him he is alive!”

There were many people he was talking to. These people were seated at little round tables. Father was talking to them and smiling at them, going from one table to another. I am sure that, from Heaven, he helps people in Medjugorje. Fr. Slavko was not underground but in an open space that looked like a garden.

Blessed Mother looked at the group and smiled. It looks like he is helping people there. We were some metres away from him but did not approach him. Fr. Slavko turned around and saw us.

Blessed Mother said, “I have to show you something different.”

We suddenly found ourselves walking under bridges and then through tunnels, like underground caverns with openings here and there, letting some light through. It was very unusual, and these caverns were all dirt.

As we travelled through these quite dim passages, the light reflecting from Blessed Mother showed the many people we were passing by. Some were walking in a procession—they would look at us, then, in an instant, turn right and disappear. This happened quite a few times.

I was following her, and everywhere we went, there were groups of people—men and women and young people. These were all Holy Souls, and they all appeared to be underground. It was very unusual. I have never seen anything like this before.

I wanted to follow one group, but they went around a bend and disappeared quickly. Blessed Mother said, “No, no, don’t follow them. I just wanted to show you how many there are.”

There were different tunnels left and right, but we always went to the right. Blessed Mother then let me walk in front of her, and I would ask her questions. We came across a group of men sitting on a rock wall.

I asked her, “Who are these people, and what are they doing?

She answered, “They are priests—but they did not do the right thing.” One particular priest was smoking a cigarette.

I said, “Oh, I didn’t know that priests smoke.” This priest stood up and said some not-so-very-nice words.

The souls were talking amongst themselves—complaining about having to be there, wanting to get out.

Blessed Mother said, “Remember all that I show you—you have to help them.”

“Don’t they pray in Medjugorje for Holy Souls?” I asked.

“Some people pray, and some people don’t think to pray,” she replied. I don’t know if these souls were local people or those who had come on pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

Blessed Mother then wanted to show me something else. We came across steps made from dirt. These particular steps led to the top, where I could see an opening. They were very steep and narrow. I think this is the way out for the souls.

Blessed Mother said, “You go ahead of me, and I will follow you.”

As we began to walk up the stairs, on each step, there was a little container with a loaf of bread in it and some red fruit on top of the bread. I took a few steps, and then the higher I ascended, the narrower the steps became, to the point where it became hard for me to put my foot on the step, and avoid stepping on the bread.

I said, “Blessed mother, I don’t like to put my foot on the bread.”

She smiled and said, “You don’t have to go further. What I wanted to show you—we have now completed. By coming here and with all that you went through, this is already the beautiful fruit that you have produced, the graces already coming to the Holy Souls. All these people that I showed you, you have to offer them to my Son and pray for them. Offer these souls at Holy Mass, and you have to suffer for them.”

Each square, aluminium-like container had bread with red fruit on top. That represents the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

These souls have been here, in this place, for a long time. The place is not far from the centre of Medjugorje, but I felt we were going towards Mt Krizevac, and we were under the mountain. I had such a good feeling being in Medjugorje. It doesn’t matter that even though I would have liked to have gone to the Church, Blessed Mother wanted to show me the place where the souls are. Being with our Blessed Mother, guiding me and explaining things to me, was so peaceful and beautiful.