3rd August, 2004

During Mass in St Patrick’s Parramatta.

A strong westerly wind was blowing. In the wind, in the comer of the roof above the huge Crucifix, I heard a terrible howling and crying. I said, “God, grant them peace.”

Our Lord said, “My child, these are the hundreds and thousands of voices who beg for My mercy. Lead them under My cross and offer them during the Mass so that My mercy will quench their suffering.”

He explained, “See, My child, everyday many people are dying and are in a terrible sin. Possibly through a violent and unprepared death, for this reason, pray for forgotten souls roaming everywhere, seeking My mercy.”

I prayed, “Peace be with you and in your souls, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

If we only knew of the suffering of souls, we would constantly pray for them to relieve their pain. Valentina.