5th August, 2004

Our Lord has revealed to me the message spoken about three days ago, on the 2nd of August, 2004.

Our Blessed Mother appeared with Jesus and she said, “Praised be Jesus forever, my daughter. Love my Son very much and tell others to love Him too. His Sacred Heart is pierced by so many offences received daily from ungrateful people of this world.”

“I come to plead with you again, my children, and tell you of this urgent message. They are preparing for the Third World War, which is about to break.”

“The leaders are lying to you to tell you that everything is peaceful and well. Satan is raging throughout the world trying to destroy you all. This war they are preparing is ever so near. I wish and I desire that all my children start to pray the most Holy Rosary starting from the 13th of this month onward and everyday after for world peace.”

Blessed Mother then said, “If the world will obey and respond to this call and plea, maybe God in His mercy and goodness can stop this horrific war that is upon you all.”

“Take this message seriously, my children, and pray, pray, pray right through the world, my children must pray.”

Holy Mary was crying for she knows how dangerous the time is in which we live.

I responded, “Lord in Your mercy and goodness, have mercy on us and on the world. Queen of the most Holy Rosary, Pray for us.” Valentina.