4 May 2024

Lord Jesus Truly Manifests During the Holy Mass

This morning, when I prayed the Angelus, an angel appeared and said, “Valentina, our Lord wants to see you. Come with me. He wants to reveal to you something that you have never experienced before.”

Suddenly, I was brought to a place I had never visited before. In front of us stood what looked like an ancient stone church. The Angel and I entered this building. As I entered, to my left, I saw many priests and bishops wearing very beautiful vestments, and they were praying and praising God. But I didn’t stop there—my focus was not on them as I went further into the building and was taken straight to our Lord.

I was brought right before our Lord Jesus and immediately, without my control, fell to my knees. Bowing my head while making the Sign of the Cross, I said, “O Glory to You, my Lord Jesus Christ.”

Our Lord was seated right next to a wall. In His right Hand, He held a fairly large jug. The jug was from Ancient Times and had a very unusual curved shape not seen here on earth. It was dull and of a silvery colour.

Our Lord Jesus poured water from the jug onto the ground. As I watched Him, I asked, “Lord, is this water a Living Water?”

He answered, “Yes, this is a Living Water, but Sacred, that washes away all iniquity and sin.”

I noticed on the wall near our Lord Jesus, about a metre above the ground, a short pipe protruding from the wall. Water was coming from this pipe and falling to the ground as well.

As the water was pouring, I could still hear in the distance the Mass Offerings being made by the Bishops and Priests. They were further away from where I was kneeling. Suddenly, when the sound of the Mass Offerings stopped, so did the water pouring from the pipe and from the jug held by our Lord.

As I gazed upon our Lord, I could see He was totally exhausted and in agony. Suddenly, two angels appeared one on either side of Him.

With their hands under His Arms, they said in unison, “Up!”

Lifting Him, they then gently seated Him on a small sofa nearby. The angels then withdrew.

Completely exhausted, with no energy and appearing ever so tired, our Lord Jesus slumped to one side. I started to worry for our Lord, and I began to cry. I have never seen Him look like this before. I remained on my knees next to our Lord.

After a little while, the two angels reappeared. Again, they lifted Him, saying, “Up!” and then moved our Lord to a bed right next to the sofa. The bed was very ancient-looking and made of plain timber.

The angels laid down our Lord on the bed and then covered Him. Lord Jesus then rested. I moved on my knees closer to the bed. I watched Lord Jesus as He closed His eyes and rested from total exhaustion. I was so worried and crying for our Lord, thinking to myself, ‘People, if you only knew how our Lord suffered for you—why do you offend Him so much? Our Lord really, really suffered for us.’

I was so sorry for our Lord, to see Him so worn out and so skinny and tired.

Suddenly, I could see our Lord’s Hand moving beneath the cover, searching for my hand. I was so glad to see our Lord start to move. I was kneeling next to the bed with my hands clasped together, resting on the bed. Our Lord found my hand, and slowly, He started to squeeze it gently, giving me reassurance that He is okay.

After He rested, He slowly regained His energy and, with the help of the two angels, who reappeared, He slowly stood up, and again the angels withdrew. I also stood up.

I was upset to see our Lord wearing a very poor-quality garment of a deep blue colour. He turned around, and as He did so, with His back to me, I noticed two large holes in the fabric of His garment. The fabric was slightly moving, but when it stopped, I could clearly see through the holes the raw red scourge marks our Lord received during His Passion and Crucifixion.

Our Lord then started to move towards the centre of the building and I followed Him when all of a sudden people from outside started coming towards Him and our Lord became more energetic and cheerful. I stood next to our Lord Jesus, when He turned to me and said, “Valentina, My child, I wanted you to be here with Me today so I can show you how I Am fully present at each Mass celebrated on earth in all the churches. I Am truly repeating My Agony and Calvary over and over again. I consume Myself into nothing so that you will have life and forgiveness and redemption for your soul.”

“Thank you for being here to console Me. I know, Valentina, you were so deeply touched and sorry for Me that you cried. How I love you for that.”

“I wish My Bishops and Priests would feel sorry for Me, but many don’t even think I Am present when they celebrate the Sacrificial Mass.”

“Pray for them,” He said.

Then a Saintly lady came near me, practically running to me from the entrance to the building, hugging me and kissing me on the cheek. She said, “Thank you, Valentina!”

I thought, ‘Why is she thanking me? Then I realised that I must have suffered for her and she is grateful for that, and now, what a privilege for her to be so high up in Heaven, to be present here with our Lord.’

Our Lord then turned to me and to cheer me up because I was so shaken with worry He started to joke with me. He said, with a smile, “Valentina, My child, do you think she has a chance to be saved?”

We all laughed, including our Lord. Of course, she is already saved. I responded, “Lord, there is always hope!”

“Lord Jesus, You teach me that. You always say: when you pray for people, tell them there is always hope if they trust Me.”

I said, “Thank You, Lord, for the gift of the Holy Mass and graces we receive from You.”

“Valentina, accept everything I give you with love,” He said.

When the angel brought me back home, I could not move. I could not walk because of the pain in both my legs, which lasted till about twenty to three in the afternoon when the pain started to ease.


My dear Bishops and Priests, please be truthful to our Lord Jesus Christ. What an honour you have to celebrate the Holy Mass with the true presence of our Lord Jesus on Calvary that He comes to you.

Love Him and thank Him. He truly consumes Himself for our salvation, for millions of souls.