9 May 2024

Souls in Darkness for Not Sharing Their Riches

In the morning, the Angel came and took me to Purgatory. At first, he took me to a shabby building, where he instructed me to wash many plates and glasses—this helps purify the souls suffering here in this place.

While I was washing and then rinsing, two young boys suddenly appeared. They were about eight to ten years old. One of them came up close to me and asked, “Are you doing the washing of the glasses? Can we have some drink?”

I said, “Yes, you can have some drink, but wait a minute till I finish.”

He then said, “Show me if you are doing a good job washing them.”

Water dripped down my hand as I raised one glass for the boy to inspect. He looked at the glass and, very happily, said, “It looks good!”

“It’s crystal clear. Good enough,” He said.

As he spoke these words, I realised He was our Lord Jesus as a young Boy. The other little boy was his Angel.

Then suddenly, my guardian angel said, “Now that you have finished here, come with me—I have to show you another place so you can help the people there who are suffering a lot.”

Suddenly, I found myself with the Angel in a Cemetery somewhere on earth. I could see some fresh graves covered with very dark dirt.

I said to the Angel, “I don’t like cemeteries. I feel very uneasy.”

The Angel said, “Our Lord Jesus wants you to help these people who are buried here. They are in total darkness.”

Suddenly, I could hear all this crying for help coming from the graves. There were a lot of voices coming from the ground.

I heard voices pleading for help. One voice said, “Lady, please help us. Get us out of this horrific darkness.”

I asked, “What did you do during your life that you are punished so badly?”

They said, “We were very rich and lived lavish lives. We had everything, and look where we are now. We were very selfish and never helped others. We have to suffer very much for not sharing with others.”

“Now it is too late for us. Please help us!”

I said, “See where you are now? You didn’t take any of your wealth with you. You should have helped others, and you would not be here.”

The soil of the freshly covered graves were all black, just like the place where these souls were now. I talked to them for a while, and then the Angel took me away.

Usually, I suffer a lot of pain in my leg, but after the Angel brought me back home, our Lord gave me extra suffering for these souls. I was in so much agony all through the night and all day long until about twenty to three in the afternoon when I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and offering it up, especially for these souls. I still felt sorry for them.

After saying this prayer, the immense pain in my leg eased. Our Lord wanted me to have this excruciating suffering to liberate these souls and to raise them from this darkness. They have to learn and purge themselves of their earthly attachments.

I was grateful to our Lord for being so merciful to all these souls.