4th February

St Margaret Mary’s Church after Holy Communion.

Lord Jesus said, “Think of My Passion now that you are coming close to Lent. How I suffer for you, my children. My Passion and suffering was unbearable and I still suffer for My Churches which are torn apart. It is NOT one body of Christ, but split in many parts.”

Our Lord lamented, “It hurts me so much. Pray for unity that soon it will be one body in Christ. That will heal all my churches.”

The Lord laments for many religions. He then continued, “You know, my child, all these divisions are because of the pride and disobedience and lack of humility between my churches and the leaders. Each one wants to be better then the other. My true church is unity and one.”

I said, “What can I say, I am sorry. I can only pray for them, and hope one day they will all be united. Then, My Lord, You will be the happiest God.”

Our Lord laughed at this and I said, “Have mercy me Lord Jesus”.

I answered, “Thank you, my sweet Jesus and my Mother for this very special day that you give us.”