While at church after receiving Holy Communion. I received a vision of people in church, all moving around laughing and talking to one another, and not giving any recognition or reverence to the Holy Presence in the Tabernacle.

I asked, “Lord Jesus, is this a vision of things to come in the future?”

Our Lord appeared and said, “My child, I gave you a full glance of what is taking place now in the churches.” He lamented, “It is the pride of people that ruins all. When pride is in everything, then the devil is in the church. I withdraw Myself away, and I suffer to see my children so disobedient and proud.”

I then asked, “What can I do to repair all this?” He said, “Valentina, my child, they should look upon you, instead, they crucify you and ridicule you. How sad that makes Me and My Beloved Mother. People live so much for this world, they think very little of the next and NOT to please Me. All their work and achievements is vanity. This is so important for their goal, nothing to please Me, all for themselves.

Please console Me. Please speak to Priests about this. Maybe, My Word will be heard. It needs a lot of prayers to purify the sins that are in every church. Even in the fashions worn today and come into My Holy Presence offend Me greatly.”

I wept and answered, “My Lord, My Jesus, Please have mercy on us all.”