4th July

When I was praying the Rosary Mary appeared to me, she was very happy and with a gentle smile. She softly spoke to me, “Today you received a special grace and you are worthy that I show you my beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers. Then Mary stretched out her hand and said come My Chid.”

Mary then turned sideways then raised Her Holy hand and pointed to the beautiful garden. I saw a very low stone wall shaped in a round form around the very large area inside the wall was filled with a lot of large daisies, not too tall, medium size. She then stretched out her hand for me to come in the garden, I was hesitant, and afraid I would trample the flowers. She again said, “Come in the garden and see for yourself, these flowers are real.” With much persuasion I went in and touched the beautiful flowers. she assured me that nothing would happen to them even though they were fresh.

She said, “See for your self they are real and alive.” They felt very real and fresh. “See they are fresh and real and you my child are one of them” she said, I wondered what she meant. Then the Blessed Mother continued, “These are My children those that are praying the Holy Rosary. I look after them and protect them, for My son Jesus.” She asked me to tell the people what I saw and experienced. Mary said, “Those who will sincerely from their hearts pray the Holy Rosary will be worthy of a place in Heaven.”

There were thousands and thousands of these beautiful daisies. Then I noticed that in the centre of this beautiful garden was Jesus smiling. He stretched out His Holy hand to invite me closer and at the same time pointed to the beautiful garden.

The meaning of all this is when we pray the Holy Rosary, spiritually we are already in the heavenly garden, like those flowers, and we make our Lord and the Blessed Mary very, very happy and joyous. I concluded, “Thank you dear Jesus and beautiful Mother for loving us like those flowers.”