7th July, 1991

I was very depressed for a week when Our Lord revealed to me that our chastisement is upon us, but then on a Sunday morning Our Lord revealed something beautiful. It was about 7am when I was reciting the Holy Rosary, the Glorious Mysteries, when a vision came to me.

An opaque light appeared like an oval in front of me. I saw what looked like an Angel or possibly a Saint in the light. A person started talking to me, he said, “I have been requested that you have to obey me and come with me.”

While kneeling down, I sat back and asked, “Who are you?” Very seriously, he answered, “You have no right to know and to ask, but only to obey me.”

At that moment it came to me that Our Blessed Mother had told me that many visitors would come to me from Heaven and that I would know they were from Heaven as I would feel very peaceful.

I would also have the opposite feeling, very restless and nervous when visited by Her adversary. This is so I could tell right from wrong. I felt very peaceful at that moment. When he held his hand out to me, I didn’t hesitate, but took his hand and went with him.

We walked very fast through countryside on a very narrow road side by side. I kept looking at my footsteps and tried to keep up with him. It seemed to me that we were being controlled by another force of great speed. (Similar to being lifted up suddenly, leaving an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach). Then I gathered up courage thinking I would like to know the name of my companion, so I asked, “Where are we going?”

He turned to me, saying very seriously, “This is not for you to know.”

I still asked, “What is your name?” He turned and gave me a stem look. He said, “I am Saint Eugene.” I replied, “That is a nice name.”

He continued, “My name is written in all the books.” And I said, “Oh, you are an historian.”

We walked over a hill, on the crest I noticed a beautiful palace of a soft pink colour the square openings in the walls showed a golden light shining through. The Saint told me to stop there, in front of a black line drawn across the ground in front of a large square opening, filled with the opaque golden light. St. Eugene told me not to touch the black line.

He said, “In a moment you will step over this black line.” He kept reminding me not to touch the line.

Before entering he stood sideways with arms outstretched, pointing with his left hand I could see earth far away and with his right hand towards the brilliant light. He said, “It ends here,” indicating earth with his left hand, “and begins here,” pointing to the light.

He said, “Not everyone is worthy of all this.” Then he continued, “When I touch you and hold your right hand we both have to move over the line simultaneously together.”

In a split second we were across, passing through the beautiful light. I felt a peaceful ecstasy enfolding me. I can’t describe the experience of what T felt and saw. There were many gardens filled with flowers, all types and colours, waterfalls, lawns, benches and birds, everything in such perfection and beauty.

I was admiring, looking in all directions and could only say ‘Oh!’ over and over. Above all I felt so peaceful and of holiness enfolding me. I stopped and said to myself, ‘I’m not going back, I want to stay here.’ I saw some people strolling, nodding and smiling to me as they passed by.

There were trellises and pergolas covered with climbers in flower, people seated beneath them. What had originally appeared to me as a palace turned out to be a high wall round this beautiful garden.

I walked on a carpet of red, velvety flowers when suddenly I was tapped on my right shoulder, I looked round to sec two Angels who told me to walk to my right. Ahead of me I saw Our Lord Jesus waiting. There was a low stone fence behind Him, His hands were clasped in front of Him. When I noticed Him, I was practically flying to Him. As I drew closer, He started walking toward me, smiling gently.

He outstretched His holy hands to greet me. I placed my hands in His, and He said, “Welcome home. My daughter, this is your home.” This overwhelmed me, feeling I could stay there. I felt so secure with Him, filled to overflowing with so much peace and love, I wanted to pour it out over the whole world.

Our Lord then said, “This is your home, one day soon, but not yet.” At that moment I felt a great disappointment, and then He put His arm around me and started guiding me back towards the entrance.

He stopped and said, “Now, I want you to be happy, not sad. Today you were worthy to see this beauty of your home. I will give you a message for My children on earth. Whatever you saw and experienced, tell them that I, the Lord, prepare for them their homes in My heavenly habitation for My children. Tell people when they will praise Me and love Me sincerely, with a purity of heart, the way you do it, everyone will be worthy of this heavenly kingdom.”

“The homes you prepare for yourselves on earth are only for a very short time, but the one I prepare for you is forever. Don’t be sad, be happy, because one day soon you will be with Me.”

I listened to all He had to say with tears in my eyes. He then took me by the arm and escorted me through the brilliant gold opaque light filling the gate of Heaven. Once I was through, I was standing on a grey, dismal soil.

St. Eugene, who had brought me, was waiting for me. He took my hand and led me downhill some distance. Suddenly he stopped in front of me, turning to the way we had come. He indicated the Heavenly gate and said, “See this gate of Heaven, not many pass through this gate, only very few, but you yourself were worthy to walk through before your time. Be happy. God loves you.”

We continued on down and as we walked he placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “I believe you are a widow.” I answered, “Yes, I am.”

He went on, “and you suffered a lot from your childhood in your life. I understand you are a very sincere person and you always pray for others. You are very compassionate toward other people. The most beautiful thing you do for Our Lord, which pleases Him, is when you console others, like yesterday, when you consoled the lady you met at the bus stop and she told you about her niece dying of cancer and you interceded for her so sincerely.”

Then I said to him, “How do you know all this?” He said, “We know everything. Your prayers and petitions usually go to us Saints, but you are so sincere, they go directly to Our Lord and Our Lord can never say no to you. Us Saints are specially placed to pray for you people on earth. Each Saint prays for a specific part of the body.”

Then standing before me, he held out both hands closed. He opened them and said, “Choose.”

In his left hand was a gold cross, decorated with lines. Attached was a gold chain. On the end of the chain was a gold square with lines radiating from the centre.

In his right hand was a similar cross, beautifully decorated with red rubies also with a gold chain. On the end was a heart, richly decorated also with the rubies.

He asked me, when I chose the one in his left hand, “Are you sure?”

I said, “Yes, it is from my Lord.” But then he said, “Give it back!”

I gave it back thinking it is not mine anyway, then he held out his right hand and said, “This is yours.” I replied, “Oh, no, no, no. This is too expensive.’

St. Eugene smiled and said, “Today, you are worthy of this heart, because your heart and His have today become one. Be happy, in the world you didn’t gain a heart but this day you received a heart from God.” I wept and praised Our Lord, feeling I was not worthy of so great a gift.

St. Eugene warned me, “Be careful of the evil one, for he wants to possess all humanity. Defend yourself the way you were doing until now, making the sign of the cross. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

The Saint brought me back in time to attend Sunday Mass.

A description of how Our Lord appeared to me in Heaven. He wore a beautiful white garment, rich and brilliant in appearance. Over His shoulder was a wide sash, deep red in colour, gathered in perfect pleats on His opposite hip, right to left with the ends draped down.

Our Lord Jesus had an Aura of compassion and love, which I felt strongly as I approached Him. He loves us very much, and desires that we all come to Him. His Sacred Heart is our way to Heaven.

I praise you. Lord Jesus. I will love and praise you forever and ever.

After experiencing the Heavenly vision, my sudden change and attitude towards all around me, also material things, took on an artificial appearance. Everything seemed false to me after being in Heaven with Our Lord. My heart constantly raised to Heaven, for I longed to be with Our Lord.

I felt His strong love which He gives to me, and also felt so secure being with Him, like a little child. Everything is entrusted to Him, and all worries disappeared.

Today, in my daily life with all its ups and downs, this experience, gives me hope to carry on that one day Our Lord will be merciful, that we will gain entry into Heaven. If we have faith and trust, God will definitely lead us there.

Jesus spoke during Holy Communion that same day, “Valentina, you carry My cross. Bear all your trials that I send you.”