4th June

Lord Jesus said today, “Tell people, I the Lord have spoken. Soon I will make all things new. I shall purify the world from all corrupt sinful pleasures and evil doings and people will know that I, the Lord, have done this. My love will flourish and I will be honoured as a little infant among my chosen ones. The old ways will be gone, forgotten and gone. Everything will be a new creation. My tender love as an infant will be so tender in their hearts, like when I first came to be born in the cold stable, but this time, they will love Me so warmly and be praising Me. Once more, I will be loved like an infant among people as you love a baby with tender and constant attention and love.”

Then He said, “No one will remember the bad past. For this said the Lord God to His people ‘Soon’.”

I was praising the Lord for all He has done and all He will do in the future, but I cried for I knew that He will chastise the world to make it all new. I asked the Lord Jesus, “You will chastise the world?”

He replied, “Valentina, my child, how can I purify the world otherwise than I chastise it?”

I concluded, “Let it be Your will, my Lord, not mine but your will be done. Come, Lord Jesus, come to your Kingdom.”