1st June

First Saturday

Our Lord Jesus said today, “When people invite you into their homes to give a talk, they usually say “Valentina is coming to our home” and they invite others to come to listen to what you have to say.”

Then He said, “Tell them, my child, not only I come, but also Mary, Joseph and the Angels who are always present to give you encouragement to open up to others. Valentina, speak to people of My love and mercy so they will know Me. I am not only God of Jacob and Isaac but also all My children. Please come My children, recognise these times of troubles which are everywhere in the world. You must all convert and come to know your God to be safe and protected from all evil forces that are around you constantly. My children, seek only the true meaning in your lives. This you will find only in your God. Be always peaceful and joyful. Show the world that you belong to Me, your Lord and God, Jesus Christ. I bless you all. Be at peace.”

Our Blessed Mother then spoke, “My children, console Our Hearts. We are so gravely offended everywhere in the world. Everywhere danger threatens with war and killing. Innocent people are dying every day. Pray, pray for all these and console Us. Sacrifice something for God and offer all your suffering to Him for others so He can save souls. My Immaculate Heart will soon triumph. Be courageous, my faithful children. We love you.”

I responded, “Mary, my Mother, we love you too.”